An artistic experience
to learn, feel and contribute
to mangrove regeneration

We write, conceive and immersive digital art installations, where publics are at the center of the experience to understand, feel and contribute to today’s stakes. This one is about mangroves…

Why regenerating mangroves ?

Mangroves represent 75% of the tropical costal, and 2/3 of them are in danger. However, mangroves are highly efficient sinks for carbon storage and biodiversity reservoir.

The Objective

An experience to learn, feel and act NOW about biodiversity and carbon sequestration !

The Experience

The experience is created by the artist Yacine Ait Kaci. Guests are invited to enter and walk through a fantasy mangrove built in paper and light.

In the mist of the experience, guests are invited to live a VR experience, where the artistic installation takes life. Guests are welcomed by ELYX in a mangrove, they discover how behaviours can be transformed and theirs positive consequences on the eco-system in 2030.

The call to action

At the end of the experience, guests can purchase a SFT (semi-fungible token) which constitutes a stake in the project and its underlying voluntary carbon credits. Our Partner, offers the opportunity to size investments (from very few euros, dollars or cryptos) in order to make the experience they have just lived, a reality.

A 3-act experience

1 – physical experience

2 – digital experience

3 – concrete contribution

Streamline Carbon Contributions with Integrity

Why do we partner with Carbonable?

Carbonable is an all-in-one carbon contribution platform which streamlines the funding, portfolio management, monitoring and reporting of nature-based carbon removal projects.

What do I concretely purchased ? 

Corporates and individuals can purchase SFTs that represent a stake in the mangrove project for each experience venue, including rights to the project’s voluntary carbon credits. They can serve as carbon offsets and as a strategic investment.

How is the whole process certified?

Carbonable is committed to upholding the highest standards: from the meticulous selection of project developers to internationally accredited certification, continuous monitoring, and comprehensive reporting.



Ready to restore mangroves with us

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