Art in the street

Ernest Pignon-Ernest is the father of Street Art.
He started in France, to denounce racism or to support the right to abortion.

Street Art in Clermont

✺ A 2.5 km route through the city

✺ 100 ephemeral works of street art, graffiti, paintings, collages.

✺ 40 artists

✺ A city guide available at the Tourist Office

Digital Street Art

ELYX is a star of the digital Street Art! It was born 11 years ago on social networks thanks to the artist Yacine Aït Kaci. Today, it continues its way in augmented reality, virtual reality and in the metaverse.

place elyx in augmented reality

Place ELYX in augmented reality! Click on the icon at the top right of the insert below and let yourself be guided.



The Treasure Hunt: RULES OF THE GAME

Scour the city to find the 25 locations

✺ Scan the QR codes and bring up the messages.

Retrieve the proof of passage from the phone.

O nce the 25 locations are revealed, a gift awaits you at the Clermont-Ferrand tourist office

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