Pascal Blaise

Physicist, mathematician, philosopher, inventor and theologian.
THE star of Clermont-Ferrand!

Geek before the hour

At the age of 19, B.Pascal built the first calculator, the pascaline, to help his father, a tax collector.

Inventor of all kinds

B.Pascal invented objects as diverse as the syringe and perfected the wheelbarrow!

Mathematician and dice player

B.Pascal wanted to know the number of turns to get a 6 by throwing 2 dice at a time.
From there, he created the probabilistic thinking as we practice it today.

Physicist under pressure

B.Pascal performs experiments to prove that vacuum and atmospheric pressure do exist, and that air has a weight.

Theologian of the bet

With his Pari, Pascal shows that if God exists or not, it is in the individual's interest to believe in him to be sure to earn his place in paradise, if there is one.

"The heart has its reasons, which reason ignores."

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