a treasure hunt to (re)discover your city and showcase your commitment.

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playing rules

  • Browse the city to find locations using an interactive map.
  • Scan the QR codes and make the messages appear and photograph ELYX in augmented reality.
  • Retrieve the proof of passage on your phone.
  • Once all the locations are found, an email is sent to you telling you where to pick up your gift.

benefits for the territory

  • (Re)discover the city differently, with a turnkey tour. 
  • Raise awareness of the decade's issues through games and promote the territory's actions.
  • Weaving a link between citizens, inhabitants and tourists, with a common experience.

cities visited



Duration of operation?
From a few weeks to several years.

Amount ?
From €30,000.

Preparation time?
From one month.

The gift?
It can be material or immaterial.


 "My son hadn't been back to France for 3 years, so he saw an ELYX in the street, and suggested I do the course with him. You know, I'm 75, I didn't know how to scan a QR code, or do augmented reality, so it was fantastic to share this with him."

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