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Designing a sustainable Future through Culture and relentless Innovation:


Consultancy and Activations


Strategic and operational consultancy, from an inspiring and circular approach to shape models and operations, with a bold and sustainable vision framed by the 17 SDGs and a strong knowledge on the Heritage, Culture and & Art industry.


If ELYX has become the UN Digital Ambassador addressing every citizen on Earth, its family members can embody projects and make the audiences play, feel and learn the brand values and purposes through mix-media and multiples activations.


Writing, conceiving, and producing immersive art installations and live shows, where publics are at the center of the experience. In every experience, guests understand, feel, and concretely contribute to today’s stakes. Many worldwide awarded experiences.



Simplicity with impact – our mantra.
Yet, for those seeking greater horizons,
delve deeper into the realm of insights and realizations.

About US

Yacine, a digital artist, SDG specialist, and ambassador, boasts a rich career spanning 25 years at the intersection of culture and innovation.

 Widely regarded as an international pioneer in digital art, he has left an indelible mark on the industry.Notably, Yacine spearheaded the creation of pioneering digital content for esteemed institutions like the Centre Pompidou (1997), Yves-Saint-Laurent (1998), and Le Louvre (1999). In 2000, he co-founded the Art-and-Innovation Collective Electronic Shadow, where they invented and patented Video mapping (2003), earning acclaim such as being the first European to receive the prestigious Ars Electronica (2005) and other notable awards including Laval Virtual (2004 and 2005), and FILE. One of their major installations was showcased at RIO+20 (2012).

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In 2011, Yacine embarked on a groundbreaking artistic project that transcended the cultural scene, achieving global success with ELYX. ELYX served as a testament to the impactful fusion of real and virtual life, showcasing the potential of a fictional character to influence real-world issues. ELYX’s universal appeal, characterized by a joyful and non-verbal language, led to its recognition as the first digital ambassador of the United Nations. In 2015, ELYX became a symbol of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition to his contributions to culture and innovation, Yacine has become a specialist in societal transitions and change management. Co-founding the ELYX Foundation in 2018, his aim is to promote UN instruments and values to organizations, policymakers, and the general public while advocating for culture as a cornerstone of the common good. Recently, Yacine’s remarkable journey was further highlighted by nominations as a GoalKeeper by the Gates Foundation and as a Spatial Guide alongside 20 other metaverse artists worldwide.

Beyond his role as a digital arts pioneer, Yacine is a renowned Futurist Advisor and Impact Tech Catalyst. He leads conferences and keynotes, advising companies and organizations on designing their path to 2030 and beyond, with a focus on bringing cultures together through an intellectual and emotional approach. With an optimistic vision for the future, Yacine aims to bridge world cultures and diverse forms of communication, placing a strong emphasis on non-verbal communication at the heart of his approach.

Adeline brings over a decade of diverse experience in the cultural landscape, spanning financial, technological, educational, and sustainable realms. Her expertise lies in bridging emotionally driven environments with corporate and financial settings, cultivating tangible value in the process.

Beginning her career in market and corporate finance at esteemed European institutions such as CA-CIB, Eurazeo (formerly Indivest Partners), and Neuflize OBC (ABN AMRO Group), Adeline transitioned to entrepreneurship, founding HAPPENING Technologies. This venture aimed to revolutionize the art market by leveraging data visualization and AI technologies to enhance transparency. Under her leadership, the company successfully forecasted the value of 100,000 artists, encompassing 80% of the art market’s value, through a rigorous two-year R&D program culminating in the development of an AI capable of pricing artwork three months in advance. The AI was presented by the press as “The Bloomberg of Art”.

In 2018, Adeline joined forces with Yacine Aït Kaci to co-found the ELYX Foundation, dedicated to promoting UN values through art, culture, and education. Drawing from her rich multicultural experiences, having resided in Western Europe, Australia, China, and now the Middle East, Adeline advocates for the strategic integration of technology within the cultural and educational spheres can serve as a catalyst for fostering cultural cohesion, enriching empathy, and promoting mutual understanding on a global scale. Therefore, the Foundation develops artistic experiences that include an educational digital layer and web3-based call to action.

Adeline’s approach is characterized by bold creativity and a steadfast focus on results. She excels in strategy development, team leadership, and partnership management, with a knack for project ideation and operational model design. Over her career, she has navigated various sectors within the global cultural and creative industries, encompassing finance, art and culture (from heritage protection to emerging trends), sustainability (from ESG to SDGs), and innovation, with a keen emphasis on practical technology applications. Concretely, she has brought support to the vision of the future of the French Ministry of Culture and its establishments under supervisions, as well as the large development of Cultural institutions established in AlUla, in KSA.

As the youngest creator and executive president of a Foundation recognized for its public utility in France. In 2023, she was honored alongside 99 other influential women as one of the top 100 cultural influencers in France.


One more

Since 2018, The ELYX Foundation under the aegis of the Bullukian Foundation is committed to nurturing the unique relationship that ELYX has built over the decade with the United Nations, and we actively drive impactful educational and cultural initiatives.


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